Symantec Web Security

Symantec Web - Protects businesses and organisations against web-borne threats, enabling control, monitoring and enforcement of web acceptable use policies with minimal latency.

It’s multiple commercial and proprietary anti-spyware and anti-virus engines make sure all web content is scanned for malware before reaching your network. When a threat is identified, access to the requested web page is denied but if no threat is detected, the page is delivered to the user with no noticeable delay.

Symantec Web’s URL filtering feature contains default best practices rules for commonly blocked categories. Administrators are able to create and enforce Web Acceptable use policies based on content types and website categories which can be customised per user and by the time of day. This improves employee productivity and protects company bandwidth by restricting or blocking downloads of certain file types and placing time and volume limits on Internet consumption. This can then all be monitored with comprehensive reporting.


Symantec Web offers: • URL filtering and web policy enforcement • Web Anti-Virus Protection – 100% protection against known viruses. • Latency – Average time for web content scanning is within 100 milliseconds. • Service Availability - 100% uptime. • Comprehensive reporting provides visibility, accountability and confidence in the effectiveness of the service. • Multi-layered protection using Skeptic predictive technology combined with multiple commercial scanners. • Predictable costs and simplified management


£2.00 per user per month


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